*A 2012 Balance*

Well, What can i say? 2012 has been wonderful so far. I turned 4 years in Second Life and It keeps surprising me every passing day…

This year I met wonderful people, others left me but somehow are still around, I fell in love, I even got married (that was a very special and unique day that I wont ever forget no matter what), I got divorced, I felt stupid, I felt like I had to move on, luckily I still chat with some of my oldest friends, I cried, I had a lot of fun, I felt insecure, I tried new things, I am still hooked to some old habits, I kept shopping, I got a new home, I missed my old home, I thought and questioned myself a lot to really find out what I wanted, I realised this is much more than a game or a virtual world, I am not sure about my Second Life future, I just know i am not ready to quit it yet, I dont regret about anything, every single choice was right at that moment, I always tried to be sincere and follow my heart, I know I have not been fair or good here and I hurted people who was always kind and good to me, I am sure there is still a lot waiting for me here and I know I won’t ever forget the wonderful moments and people I’ve met here, they have been the best and they will always have a special place in my heart, they know where to find me and I think they know i will always be there. I am not over reacting, Sl has touched my heart in so many ways, It has been such a good company and I want to thanks all my blog’s visitors and the people who always comment my pics on flickr, I don’t know most of them but I truly admire their work and staring at their beautiful pictures and creations, every picture is a moment full of emotion, I wish all a Happy Christmas and New year,my best wishes, may 2013 be even better and brighter for all! x0x0x



Somehow I feel very related to this song …

“And when I am in way with myself, I ride, I just ride…”

She is a very good singer, enjoy!

Ride- Lana del Rey



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