*** Omg so many goodies!! at J.Style!! ***

wild_008I was trying some settings and trying to get a pic using deep of field 

(you have to try it, now that Firestorm comes with Phototools! everything is easier)

Still enjoying the beautiful Lelutka New Years gift (blogged before) when my friend Nicky called me, she was extremely bored so …

regalosssss_001I took her to one of the J.Style’s stores and we found oh so many gifts!!

I know I have mentioned this store several times before but they just keep adding new stores and they add new gifts almost everyday.

Here you can find many skins, shapes, accesories, complete avies

and even mesh outfits for both genres (which comes with shoes, jewls and many other accesories).

My friend Nicky is showing one of the latest freebie outfits, by the way her skin is also an old J.Style Gift!

nicky giftWhat are you waiting? Step by and check it out, some items are definetely worth it… xoxox

Sin título-1


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