~ So many New Group Gifts! ~

Barely Legal – barely legal barbee GG (new group gift)

BARELY LEGAL GROUP GIFT_001*Includes 2 versions & platform pumps*

BARELY LEGAL GROUP GIFT_014…:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::… Smexy Creature (Cyan) New Group Gift

BARELY LEGAL GROUP GIFT_012Also these prizes at the MM boards:

BARELY LEGAL GROUP GIFT_002 Here you can see the rest of the accesories that the gift includes!
BARELY LEGAL GROUP GIFT_003*Virtual Attire* purple tantrum dollarbie LOLAS – TANGO (1 l) & Many other offers


BARELY LEGAL GROUP GIFT_004*Ydea* Clodette (free group gift)

*Includes all the accesories shown*

BARELY LEGAL GROUP GIFT_016*Ydea* Desy Mesh (free group gift)

BARELY LEGAL GROUP GIFT_018[*RD*]*Wild Dress-White & Pink*


Rottendefiance*RoTtEn DeFiAnCe* Wil dresses in 7 colors for free (special limited offer due to owner’s birthday so hurry up!) Also a birthday sale!

Sin título-1



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