~ New June Group Gifts & freebies ~

J.style New Gifts with Appliers!

*they include accesories, shoes and sometimes even skin and shapes*

*Old gifts are still avaliable at very affordable prices*


original_51b8bf7064f0416b8f000001I put this cute mini white dress on and I tried some poses at LEA,

a fantastic open studio with many scenes and spots to check!
blue_002Pose shown above: Diesel Works June’13 Gifts

blue_008 blue_009ASHMOOT May Gift with applier

blue_010ASHMOOT June Gift

blue_011 blue_012Poses: Diesel Works June’13 Gifts

If you love Jessica Rabbit as much as I do,

you might be interested in ASHMOOT’S New Release.

This amazing mesh outfit inspired in her look (400 L) ,

demo avaliable inworld.
original_51b8bdc80c6cf158e3000001You will also find these 2 gifts :

original_51b8bd926c5dbd1043000001 original_51b8bd1bcf66f70454000001ASHMOOT MM BOARDS & Old Group gifts for men & Women

original_51b8bca9d7caac2626000001Double Divas Group Gift(fee 50 L)

original_51b8c2c751164a44fe000001FABOO Rainbow New gift

rain bow_001~Blacklace~ Dahlia: Floral Lace Baby Doll Set VIP Group Gift (fee 99L)

*Check group history*


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