~ Candy Girl & some other hunts <3~

arabian_001 arabian_002 arabian_003.S&C. Woodstock Hunt Gift

arabian_004arabian_006 arabian_007!dM deviousMind “Sweet Rose Valentina” // Taste The Rainbow Hunt

arabian_008 arabian_009arabian_011 arabian_012 arabian_013Peach Blossom Candy Girl Hunt (5L)

Hint: ~skull candy om nom nom nom~

 *** Pics taken at Zaraa ***

arabian_015arabian_017Charm – Candy Girl Prize (5L)

Hint: ~Stop Monkeying Around!~

arabian_021 arabian_022arabian_024 arabian_025arabian_028ModaMia Candy Girl Hunt Cotton Candy Girl (5L)

Hint: ~It Lights the Place Up to The Right~

arabian_031S&C. Candy Girl Hunt Gift (5L)

Hint: ~This isn’t VeGas and I’m not a queen but I’m hiding here~

 *** Pics taken at Ritai ***

~ Candy Girl Hunt~ Stores & Hints

Sin título-1


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