*Stars*Fashion* New Promotions + Rainbow’s Custom Jewls

boobies agosto_005boobies agosto_007*Stars*Fashion* Biker queen – New Promotion **Includes shoes**

Jewls: Rainbow’s 

boobies agosto_008 boobies agosto_009 boobies agosto_010boobies agosto_012*Stars*Fashion* Country colors * Hud with 4 colors

Rainbow’s  Bangle & Fallen Angel necklace

boobies agosto_013boobies agosto_017boobies agosto_019*Stars*Fashion* Marie Claire New Promotion for 2 weeks

*** Includes these fantastic short boots & socks ❤ ***

boobies agosto_015 boobies agosto_016boobies agosto_022boobies agosto_024*Stars*Fashion* Pink lady New Promotion for 2 weeks

*** Close up of the amazing shoes ❤ ***

boobies agosto_025boobies agosto_029Bangle: Rainbow’s 15 Asst Platinum w Stones~n~gem

boobies agosto_031boobies agosto_036boobies agosto_033*Stars*Fashion* Sexy urban girl * New Promotion for 2 weeks

field_003field_006field_010*Stars*Fashion* Field of flowers * GIFT

field_002{{BSD Design studio}}less is more -grey  croco VIP GIFT (fee to join)

*** Pics taken at Nature Café Hangout ***

Sin título-1

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