~ B!ASTA & Tameless :))) ~

free mnuebvi_008free againnss_002free againnss_004[ B! ] :MARIAM: Bodice and mini skirt outfit (New Release //175 L)

^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Julia Hair  (New Release // 350 L)

*Includes hud to combine tones*

[ B! ] :HARD CANDY: Big hoop earrings (79 L)

free againnss_010free againnss_012[ B! ] :SILVER DEW: Long shirt/dress and skinny jeans 

(New release – discounted exclusive item for The Designer Circle round 64 – 75 L$ each)

*Round 64 runs from Sep 29 to Oct 19th *

^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Juliet Hair (New Release //350 L)

-Fantasy colors- includes hud to combine tones)

free againnss_014B!ASTA Satin party dress in 5 sizes and 7 colors (texture change HUD// 279 L)

Tameless Hair – Evangeline (New Release)

free againnss_016free againnss_018[ B! ] :ODESSA: Ruffled dress . Purple (not free)

Tameless Hair Daphne  (New Release)

free againnss_019Tameless Unbreakable Outfit (New Release // 149 L)

free againnss_022Tameless Trouble Outfit (New Release // 149 L)

free againnss_023 free againnss_024 free againnss_025Tameless Autumn Outfit (New Release // 149 L)

free againnss_034 free againnss_035 free againnss_036Tameless Tangled Web Outfit (New Release // 149 L)

free againnss_043Tameless Rude Girl Bodysuit – Purple Version (New Release // 149 L)free againnss_044 free againnss_045 Tameless Torn Outfit – Teal Version (New Release // 149 L)
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