~❥ The Plastik + SSW ~

:[P]:-Boobies Cheapies: October (all these items shown & more)

phat azz_025 phat azz_026:[P]:-Airen:-Brass

phat azz_027:[P]:-Yvaine-Octane

phat azz_029:[P]:-Boudoir-Sea/Lilium

phat azz_030:[P]:-Insidious:// Deathy

phat azz_031:[P]:-Fatality Corsets:// Hell’s Gate

Hair shown : little bones. Ephemera/Maelstrom – Ink Pot – (free // group notices)
phat azz_007-SSW- Halloween Heels 03 (not free)

phat azz_021 phat azz_022-SSW- Halloween Heels 01 (not free)

phat azz_015 phat azz_016 -SSW- Halloween Heels 02 (not free)

*** All Pics taken at Samurai Village ***
Sin título-1


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