~ Deeply Devoted Day Spa ~ The place where relaxion begins!

Hello everybody!

Deeply Devoted Day Spa is a roleplay store

which offers many packages for men & women

Manicure, pedicure, massages and much much more…

(prices between 150-700L)

** Hours of operation 8am-8pm slt. Appointment only **


I think I’ve already mentioned this fantastic place in another post.

I found it by chance some weeks ago,

I took nice pics and I also clicked the raffle avaliable at the store

And I was so lucky that I won a $200L gift card!

So I decided to relax a little last friday afternoon and  enjoy my gift …

There are many options for bride, newlyweds, mother to be, girl parties

& also a special package for you and your little princess …

*** I picked the quiet stress reliever package (169 L) *** 

spaaa_001spaaa_003 spaaa_004Essence Piers was the specialist on charge,

first she gave me a fantastic upper body massage! mmm I really needed it!

spaaa_008spaaa_010spaaa_012 spaaa_013Then it was time for my manicure with paraffin,

she was very kind and gave me a fantastic treatment!spaaa_014spaaa_018Pedicure & finally a facial treatment!

spaaa_019 spaaa_020 She was very courteous & asked me for all

my preferences in colors, essences &  facial mask

There were many options and you get the accesories in your inventory


This was the first time I tried something like that

and I stronly recommend this  experience!

Try it yourself, alone or with company!

We all need to relax and pamper ourselves from to time time

Hope you enjoyed my pics as much as

I enjoyed my time at the spa  … 

*** No te lo pierdas! es una experiencia genial xoxo ***

Sin título-1


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