~❥ Classic Glamour ღ ~

:.::Hot Stuff::.:Naughty Trikini White w/ Appliers (New group gift)

^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Jason V2 Hair (New Release // not free)

::GIFT JSTYLE:: Busty Green (free new gift for a limited time)

^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Sandy Hair (New Release // not free)

^;^CaTwA^;^ Sandy One Red Rose accesorie (New Release // not free)

^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Marilena Dress (New Release // not free)

*Mesh dress, includes several sizes for mesh breats & there is a hud avaliable to change colors*

^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Marilena Hair (New release // not free)

klk_002 klk_001

^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Bunhawk Hair (New Release // not free)

*Neat & Messy versions avaliable*

*** Pics taken at Mimikri – Store ***

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~ Europa Europa ♡ ~

:: No Cabide :: Outfit Camouflaged Girl (free gift)

Princess Apocalypse Boots (free group gift)

Ravnous – Tienette Trikini – GrapeFuzz (free group gift)

 ModaMia Stip Tease Red (free gift at Cosmo Sales Room)

Teetee-Heart String Candy-Pink (1 L)

TeeTee-Heart String Candy-Valentine (free gift)

{The Boobies Planet} January Group Gift (free)

Masiello: The black Hood Denim Shirt – Teal BLEAK  (marketplace freebie)

Skin: Curves-DECEMBER-Boys (free gift) 

**** Pics taken at [europa] ***

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~❥ True colors ~

Tameless Hair Kareena (New Release // not free)

Blink2Wink – Netted In [Teal – January VIP Gift] (free)

Color Skulls Sneekers v2*Al-Hanna – Blue Version (New Release // not free)

 Color Skulls Sneekers v2*Al-Hanna – Purple Version (New Release // not free)

Tameless Hair Sienna (New Release // not free)

::GIFT JSTYLE:: (free for a limited time)

 Tameless Hair Colletta (New Release // not free)

::GIFT JSTYLE:: (free for a limited time)

*** Pics taken at L.A Lakeside family center ***

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~❤ Relax Day! ~

*Butterfly Effectz* BE Lazy Day (free group gift)

*Includes accesories, robe, slippers & cigar*

Poses: -.label motion.- My Newspaper Gift (old group gift)

*** Pics taken at Lea7 ***


Xanthe’s Lovely lace Slink fingernail appliers (marketplace freebie)

I recently got Slink Mesh Hands & I must admit they are awesome!

So I’ve been searching and there are some nice freebies

with appliers on the marketplace like this one.

*** I’ll keep blogging freebies & offers for Slink Hands soon ***


~ Hope you liked it! Enjoy your relax day as well  ツ~

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~❥ ღ News, freebies & much more! ღ~

:.::Hot Stuff::.:Camo Suit w appliers (Boobies Planet Special Item// not free)

Tameless Hair Willow – Fades Version (New Release // not free)

Eyes IKON VIP Group Gift – January 2014  (fee to join //previously blogged)

Ricielli – NEW YEAR HUNT / item #08 sayo mesh boots (15 L)

Baubles! by Phe RoseGoldTempleBangles (New Release // not free)

Lazuri Esme Ring (old group gift)

Tameless Snug As A Bug Outfit – Pink Version  (New Release // not free)

Tameless Hair Elsbeth (New Release // not free)

Tameless Hair Giana (New Release // not free)

:.::Hot Stuff::.:Winter Snow Outfit w appliers (Boobies Planet Special Item // not free)

Tameless Hair Giana – (New Release // not free)

Bishes Inc. ~ Vintage Tops – Military version

(Special Item for The boobies show // not free)

*Many colors avaliable*

Pants Jstyle Gift Complete outfit (free for a limited time)

*Accesories, boots & mesh top not shown*


Tameless Hair Ginny – (New Release // not free)

Tameless Hair Yana – (New Release // not free)

Ricielli – NEW YEAR HUNT / item #14 spiked dress (15 L)

HOLY SHIrT! Mesh Comic Princess (New Release // not free)

HOLY SHIrT! Punk Mary Janes  (New Release // not free)

*** All pics taken at Fallen Gods – Selidor ***

[DossiEr] Hoodie 6# (Free group gift)

*~*Damselfly*~*Free Hair Fair Gift (free)

*** Pics taken at LEA7 ***

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..^.^. Glad to be back :))) ..^.^.

***  Ricielli New Year hunt (15 L each item) ***

Ricielli – NEW YEAR HUNT / item #14 spiked dress

*** Check all these amazing prizes!! Don’t miss them ツ ***


Hair: ^;^CaTwA^;^` Mesh Nancy Hair  (New Release // not free)

Pure Poison – Beatrix Necklace (free group gift // received via subscribe)

Eyes IKON VIP Group Gift – January 2014  (fee to join // monthly group gifts)

*May not longer be avaliable, includes an incredible hud

to change eye’s position, size & customize them *

*** Pics taken at Forest Shara ***

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..^.^. January Splash! ..^.^.

Outfit: ::GIFT JSTYLE:: Military with appliers (free for a limited time)

*Includes accesories & boots, gun thigh holdster not included*

Tameless Hair Gia – (New Release // not free)

Pure Poison – Beatrix Necklace (free group gift // received via subscribe)

~Sassy!~ Radiance gown – Xmas Group Gift (free)

*Includes fur stole*

Tameless Hair Bliss – (New Release // not free)

~Sassy!~ Anastasia dress – violet (free MM board Prize)

Tameless Hair Delphine – (New Release // not free)

*Includes hud to change hat’s colors*

 ::GIFT JSTYLE::  Mesh purple outfit (free for a limited time)

Tameless Hair Delphine – (New Release // not free)

Poses: Label Motion – An Elephant’s Tale (free group gift // received via subscribe)

Hello Titty Hunt 3 Prize #10 Sassy

Hint: It’s not far at all – practically right around the corner.

[ B! ] :SNOW FLURRY: Pink – Satin blouse & white leggings

(New Release // not free)

Glasses: T.C. – Vintage Kawaii Glasses (Navy & Gold)

(2L // marketplace offer)

*Bag with dog not included (old gift)*

Kaithleen’s Satin Drape Dress Berry – Pink (not free)

[Castellian] Rachel Hair – (not free)


*** Piper Moda January Photo Contest ***

1st prize: 200L$ + a Piper Moda shopping spree
2nd prize: 50L$ + a Piper Moda shopping spree
3rd prize: a Piper Moda shopping spree

*** The theme is ‘water’ – sea, lakes,
rivers, waterfalls, fountains, rain, anything watery.

Someone in the photo must be wearing

at least one item of Piper Moda clothing.

(prices range from 0L$ to 88L$)   ****

Piper moda Portofino Cyan (not free)

[Castellian] Sindy Hair – (not free)

*** All pics taken at Ritae East ***


Hope you enjoyed this long post !! ツ 

Espero hayan disfrutado este extenso post! ツ 

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