~❥ Mesh freebies! ~

HOLY SHIrT! Blue denim jeans (New Release // not free)

HOLY SHIrT! Pink one shoulder top (New Release // not free)

*** Having fun at The Gaming Zone of Shekhawati, the themed sim of India! ***

** You can get your own horse to explore it **


*** Divirtiéndome con mi propio caballo en The Gaming Zone of Shekhawati,

 el sim temático de la India! ***

Lavarock – Mesh Denim & Leather Jacket  (free group gift)

*Includes hud to change t-shirt textures*

*** Dancing at Shekhawati ♥ It looks wonderful for pictures & there are many things to do *** 


~ And finally something else for the guys! ツ ~// ~ Y finalmente algo más para los chicos! ~

bleak lazy tank 2.0 marketplace freebie (marketplace freebie)

.:Angel of Metal:. T-Shirt Gift (free & many other gifts avaliable)


~ Hope you enjoyed the post, have a good night!! // ツ

~ Espero que hayan disfrutado el post, que tengan una buena noche!! ✫ ~

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