~ ExpoDome~@ Isla Okiddo ツ

ღ ~ Hello everybody! This time this is not a post about freebies.

I received an inworld invitation to a new expo &

wanted to share some snapshots with you.

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore this fantastic & unice place.

Hope you enjoy the pics! ღ~


ღ~ Hola a todos! Esta vez este no es un post sobre freebies,

 recibí una invitación inworld a una nueva exposición

 y quería compartir con ustedes algunas fotos.

No se pierdan la posibilidad de explorar este fantástico lugar.

Espero que disfruten las fotos! ~ ღ

– Liara okkido, the owner & creator looking gorgeous near the entrance ღ-

– Morgan Rosenstar , an outstanding & great avie I found there, love her style ღ

-Finally relaxing at the beach, the art exposition looks amazing

& there are many spots to check-ღ

*** All pics taken at Isla Okiddo featuring “Expodome” ***

Sin título-1


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