~❥ My Own ~Santaurio~

Sweet Mermaid Lingerie- Kharanee’s Clothing (free gift)

Thalia Free Gift Kharanee’s Clothing (free gift)

~*~Shar’s Gowns~*~ The Easter Blossoms (marketplace freebie)

[ B! ] :MOON OF MY LIFE: Lavender . Tribal dress (New Release // not free)

[ B! ] :MOON OF MY LIFE: Sand . Tribal dress (New Release // not free)

[ B! ] :NOM NOM KERRITS!: Easter crop top (New Release // not free)

[ B! ] :SWALLOWS: Cropped knit tops . 7 colors ( New Release // not free)

*Showing raspberry version*


[ B! ] :NATURE’S BEAUTY: Belted floral dress . 6 colors (HUD) (New Release // not free)

^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Jaya Hair (New Release // not free)

—————————————————————– ღ

*** Pics taken at ~Santaurio~ ***

Sin título-1


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