~❥ Smile! There is always hope ツ ~

Lushish Catz – Live Love – Lingerie Sets 2 colors

(new group gift // 50L to join)

Bishes Inc. ~Monokini – Hot Pink Version w/appliers

(Special Item for The Big Show // not free)

Bishes Inc. ~Monokini – Camo Version w/appliers

(Special Item for The Big Show // not free)

::EGO – Nana Outfit Mesh:: Soft (new release // not free)

::LiES:: Beatrix [FitMesh] (new release // not free)

*Includes boots & mesh necklace*

Open 1995 – Top + Short –Lana del Rey Version

(new release // not free) *Many styles avaliable*

Ch’s Beach -Gold Bikini (new release // not free)

*Includes Wowmeh appliers*

HOLY SHIrT! Drape dress – Red Version (new release // not free)

HOLY SHIrT! Drape dress – Blue Version (new release // not free) 

*Special Item for The Fashion Collective Event*

[ B! ] :PEGGY FERRAGAMO: Vintage costume with blouse

(new release // not free) *Hud with 10 colors*

[ B! ] :FRANTASTIC: Graphic pattern blouse and shorts

(special limited offer // 50 L till 11th June) 

[ B! ] :BLOOMING HIBISCUS: . Silk jump suit

(new release // not free) *Hud with 9 colors*

[ B! ] :THE JERSEY THING: Off shoulder tops and laced jeans

(new release // not free) *Avaliable in many colors*

[ B! ] :TRUST THE NAVIGATOR: Maritime mini dress

(The Sail Away Hunt Prize // free)


CATWA FLEXI Savannah (New Release // not free)

*Mesh hair, includes flexi parts*

Black Leather Miniskirt Mesh*Al-Hanna (New Release // not free)

—————————————————————– ღ

*** Pics taken at [NorderNey] There is always hope ***

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