~* My Hidden Fortress ღ *~

LGL {by B!ASTA} – Don’t go far off – Gown (new release // not free)

LGL {by B!ASTA} – Shape of Your Heart . Royal Green (new release // not free)

LGL {by B!ASTA} – Make your Point – Cherry (new release // not free)

::SG:: Heidy-Skirt, corset & appliers- (new release // not free)

[B!] :ALBEMARLE: Purse bag Black/Pink

LGL {by B!ASTA} – Frostworthy . Wool cape Pink RARE

[B!] :PEACEFULLY: Jewelry set – Silver/Pink

(75L per play // Special Items for The Promenade)

Visit B!ASTA at The Promenade – January 15th to February 15th!

[B!] :TO THE NINES: Belted coat dress (new release // not free)

[B!] :IS THIS LOVE: Hotpink . Body suit &appliers (Hunt for your inner slut Prize // free)

[B!] :TATYANA: Glitter short boots Pink (SLink high)

(75L per play // Special Itemsfor The Promenade)

** Alonis ** ELISA Pink Top, Mini Skirt and Shoes (new release // not free)

strap body black .:Gatit@s:. w/multiple appliers (new release // 20L)

m/ LAVAROCK CREATIONS m/ -IRINA FEM BOOTS (new release // 199L)

*Includes an incredible hud to customize them & change textures*

\m/ LAVAROCK CREATIONS \m/ -KRIEG MALE JACKET (new release // 199L)


——————————————————————– ღ

~* Pics taken at Aroonshire Fortress *~

Sin título-1


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