~*Interior & Spaces *~ Holiday Open House Tour

~*Gloria Silverstone invites you to an incredible Holiday Open House Tour! *~

*You have time till  January 6, 2015 (SLT midnight). *


~* These are just a few pics, there is a house & a cabin fully decorated to explore!*~

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*~ Take your taxi here *~Sin título-1

~*♡ His & Hers ღ *~

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~ Thanks to Gloria Silverstone, I vistted Interior & Spaces yesterday

– You will find two open houses to explore  & the whole place was a wonderful surprise~ –

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~* I am only showing a few pictures! We had a lovely time!♡ Hurry up!

The houses will be open to public for a very limited time (September 13-16th) *~

*For more info check her blog!*

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~* The Beautiful Ones ツ *~

..::KnocKeRs::..Honolulu Rock-A-Roll-A  Swimsuit (free august gift for group members)


*Includes hud to pick from many good textures* (new release // not free)

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.:TBOHome:. Trunk Office-Beige (250L)

Includes Web browser laptop, Singles and couples animations (cuddles and sex)

*19 prims, many colors available*  

.:TBO:. Sharon boots – for slink high mesh feet (199 L // includes hud to change colors)

Lushish catz – One Mini dress  with multiple appliers (new group gift // 50L fee to join)

Lushish Catz – Kasci – Lingerie- (Special Item for Fresh Style Sale Room// not free)


.:TBO:. Sharon-buckled leather corset  (new release // 199L)

.:TBO:. Sharon-buckled leather leggings (new release // 199L)


::Purple Candy::Debby Camo 5 (new release // not free)

::Purple Candy::Domme blue (new release // not free)

[ B! ] B!ASTA Ad Venux Gacha Heels for Slink High Mesh Feet – Blue Version

(Special Item for Greek Isles Gacha Fair // not free)

CATWA HAIR Mimi – Messy Version  (new release // not free) 

[ B! ] :KATE WALKER: Steampunk jacket & 3/4 pants (new release // not free)

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~✜ Exploring DeadPool ~

intelectual_010 intelectual_011[ B! ] :SEVERE SUIT: Leather body suit with boots . blue version (not free)

intelectual_012 intelectual_013intelectual_015ABPO3 – Apple May Designs (AB’s Power of 3 Hunt Prize)

intelectual_018intelectual_020@narchy – Artemis (Not Free)

intelectual_021 intelectual_022 intelectual_023intelectual_026intelectual_029 intelectual_030Vampire Legacy – Obscura (Not free)

*** Pics taken at DeadPool ***

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~ Cobblestone Home & Garden ~

decoration place_012 decoration place_013 decoration place_011 decoration place_008 decoration place_009 decoration place_006 decoration place_005

decoration place_016


*This time I am showing you this fantastic store called Cobblestone Home & Garden*

Here you will find cute mesh and sculpted furniture and deco items for your Sl home or bussiness

The group has a fee of 100 L but there is always a new  monthly gift for the vip members

Hope you like it, I sure did and I had fun with the pics !! xoxo


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