~* Back to School ツ *~

– CH – Sophy School Outfit (not free)

*Includes handbag, make up, shoes & complete mesh outfit*

(Special Items for 7 room Event “Back to School Theme”// not free)

-CH- Therri Classic Heels for Slink High Mesh Feet (not free)

(Special Items for 7 room Event “Back to School Theme”// not free)

– CH – Julie Shirt (White) -not free-

– CH – Jackie Skirt (Marine)-not free-

(Special Items for 7 room Event “Back to School Theme”// not free)

 Tameless Hair Felicia – (new release // not free)

[ B! ] :LAKEWOOD DRIVE: Red . Wrap jump suit

(Special Limited Offer // 50L till 10th September)Tameless Hair Malinda – (new release // not free)


(new more than 5000 members gift for men & women // free)

M&M Body Shapes Vest w/appliers – White Version 

(Special Item for Fashion Wardrove Event)

 Tameless Hair Felicia – (new release // not free)

 ..::Christal Cre@tions Vip::. Alicia – 1 (new release // not free)

*Includes appliers & heels not shown* Many options available

little bones. Glass Leaf – (new group gift with hud // 100L fee to join)

 ..::Christal Cre@tions Vip::.  Mariposa + Saucy (new release // not free)

*Many options & group gift available*

 —————————————————————– ღ
~*Pics taken at Interior & Spaces,
-Open for a limited time, only 2 days more open to visits-

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~ Pink Glitter ♡ ~

Lushish Catz – Vee- Special ( not free )

^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Ruby Hair (New Release // not free)

H&K hunt – Miss Jewell Gift – Kiss me Tattoo (free)

Lushish Catz – Isis – w/appliers (Special Offer //50% off for The Boobies Planet)

Lushish Catz – Sabrina – outfit with boots (Special Offer //50% off for The Boobies Planet)

Lushish Catz – VuDo- black outfit w/appliers (New group gift // 50L fee to join)

Lushish Catz – Ryle with appliers (Special Offer //50% off for The Boobies Planet)

Tameless Tango Dress – Red (New Release // not free)

^;^CaTwA^;^ Kuwait Jessica Dress – Glitter & normal version (New Release // not free)

*Includes mesh gloves not shown*

Tameless Perfectly Plaid Outfit – Cyan (New Release // not free)

Tameless Hair Yasmin – (New Release // not free)Tameless Hair Evion  (New Release // not free)

HOLY SHIrT! Lilac blazer and tee (New Release // not free)

[ B! ] :CASSANDRA’S DATE: Floral silk dress . 6 colors (HUD) (New Release // not free)

 [ B! ] :SOOKIE’S DRESS: Leather corset & denim dress (New Release // not free)

HOLY SHIrT! Navy spaghetti dress (New Release // not free)

 N-core GROUP GIFT “Pink Glitter Zebra” (50 L fee to join)


*** Pics taken at Socal ***

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~❥ A huge Valentine’s Special ღ // Marketplace freebies & much more … ツ

Hair: little bones. Sea Wolf – GIFT (free group gift)

*Includes hud // check group history*

XRAYED shades 1.0 (marketplace freebie)

:.GL.: Short Mesh Anna Pink (marketplace freebie)

MESH BLOUSE FLORAL BLUE *YAKO* (marketplace freebie)

[ love always ] matchstick (marketplace freebie)

Necklace: **RE** LUX Celeste – Set – Gift (marketplace freebie)

TheMeshProject! (MeshHand)(f) ‘Relaxed’ (free!!)

*You can get mesh hands & 3 types of mesh feet for free, you only have to get the hud*

Valentine Bracelet (marketplace freebie)

Exquisite Black & White R-Mesh Leg Warmer Heels (marketplace freebie)

*And many other free shoes at the market*

 little bones. True Affection + Flower Door (free group gift)

AG. Destiny Eyes / Grey (marketplace freebie)

MiniTankMeshPeace-Syfe (marketplace freebie)

little bones. Flower Door (free group gift)

 little bones. Rey Crop Top – Little Bones  (free group gift)

.::voxxi::. Valentine’s Gift 2014 (marketplace freebie)

VaVaVoom! – Sun Worship Bikini > Ziggy (marketplace freebie)

.::voxxi::. FREE GIFT Mesh Ruffled Collar// 2 colors pack Dress (marketplace freebie)

Pink Acid  Lip gloss // red, black, pumpkin,fall& other options (free group gift)

VALENTINE DAY-(Pashion Heart)-Valentine Lingerie- (marketplace freebie)

Tameless Hair Andromeda (New Release // not free)

.ValentineLovin.{.H.B’s.} (free group gift)

Trinite Indi Valentine (free group gift)

Tameless Hair Giselle – (New Release // not free)

Outfit Love*Al-Hanna (New Release // not free)

*Includes hud to change top & sneakers textures*

Tameless Winter fun Outfit -includes boots & appliers-  (New Release // not free)

Tameless Stompin Outfit -includes boots & appliers- (New Release // not free)


*** All pics taken at Small Town Green ***

~ Happy Valentine’s Day!! // Feliz San Valentin !! ツ ~
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~❥ Febraury news! ~

:.::Hot Stuff::.:Fishnet Top & Open Shorts w/ appliers (New Release // not free)

*Special Item for The Boobies Planet // Items between 40-80L*

^;^CaTwA^;^ Marilena Shoes (New Release // not free)

*Includes hud to change skin, nails , textures & colors*

:.::Hot Stuff::.: .Be Nice. w appliers (New Release // not free)

*Special Item for The Boobies Planet // Items between 40-80L*

Gstyle New gift Sexy purple  outfit with appliers (free for a limited time)

*There aew new gifts every day & you can get the old gifts for less than 100L!*

*** Pics taken at Fox Valley Forest ***

IAF Polka Dot Peeka Bow (Aqua) (free group gift with appliers)

PURPLE POSES – Couple Pose (free  c108 Club gift)

*There are many free gifts there*

Fiore: Purple Candy Midnight Mania Prize with appliers (free MM board prize// no longer avaliable)

*There are many lucky chair prizes & a new MM board prize!*

^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Lily V2 Hair (New Release // not free)

**Pure Poison – Love Earrings (free gift // received via subscribe)

*** Pics taken at Annwn Willows ***

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~ Under your tree <3 ~

{U.R.} Fashion Designs Dec Elite Gift (free)

*** Pic taken at Solaria ***

[ B! ] :COMING HOME: Raw silk tops – 9 colors (HUD) 

[ B! ] :THE HIGH FLOWER BED: Belted mini skirt . 8 colors (HUD)

(New Releases // Not free)

[ B! ] :FANDANGO: Knit top with golden clasps . 8 colors

(New Releases // Not free)

[Castellian] Isabely Hair – Black (New Release // Not free)

*CH* Design – Bea Cancun/Lolas Tango App – (80L)

*Special Item for The Boobies Planet Event 14/28th December*

[ B! ]  :GOOD GIRL: Top and skirt outfit with Lolas Appliers

(New Release // Not free)

*** Christmas Hunt*Al-Hanna (16th december-6th January) ***

There are 6 free items hidden at the store inside a pink star:

#1 Mesh Polar Bear Earrings (not shown)

#2 Red Lips Make up 

#3 Dark Red Outfit

#4 Red Leather Boots

#6 Red Mesh Pumps

Hair: eXxEsS: X-MAS GIFT 2013 (free unisex gift with hud to change colors)

#5 Red Lingerie Set *Al Hanna Christmas Hunt  (free)


Includes cherry lipstick, snowflake & mesh santa hat!

*Look for a small santa hat hidden at the store*

*** Pics taken at Zepellin bar ***

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~ \o/ Happy TT \o/ ~

Topples Tuesday on the feed

& I got this fantastic top that makes me feel like a princess hahaprincess of bbb_003PRINCESSSSSSSSS_002 princess of bbb_004 princess of bbb_005Make up : Pink Acid Love Me Lips, Teeth & Eyelashes Group Gift

Top: Hooters Gift – Princess at BBBF HQ

(& many other gifts with appliers)

Skirt: NS::  Indian Mesh skirt suits! (not free) for The Marquis EventSin título-1

~AB’s Power of 3 Hunt! :)) ~

fall_001 fall_002Outfit: ABPO3 – 1 Hundred.

AB’s Power of 3 Hunt! (ABPO3)

*** For more info about prizes & hints, click here ***

Pose: Modelposes by June Trenkins (marketplace dollarbie)

Hair: Tameless Hair Jessilyn (not free)

Make up : Pink Acid Love Me Lips, Teeth & Eyelashes Group Gift


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