~* Bubbleglam! *~

Munique. Daisy Dress / Pink (free group gift)

.:Glow Designs:. B – Clutch Gold & Silver – Lemon

(Special Item for Designer Circle // not free)

~SB~ Notice me dress- black (Past CAH prize) (marketplace dollarbie)

BabyDoll. BubbleGum Wedges (free group gift)

.:Glow Designs:. Cross Chains Black Version

(new release // not free  Special Item for New Cosmopolitan Event)

[hh] GIFT – Rachel Black Lace Boots  (SLink High Feet) (free group gift)


(new release // 299L) 

*Includes hud to change styles & pick from many good quality textures*

m/ LAVAROCK CREATIONS m/ –HOTROD UNISEX (november group gift // free)

.:WAC:. Levain Silk Top – White&Black GG w/applier for The Shops Mesh Body (marketplace dollarbie)

Ch’s Soul w/accesories & appliers -even for The Shops Mesh Body 

(new release // not free 199L)

Piper Moda ‘Andromeda’ 7 bikini (not free)

Piper Moda – Milena Swimsuit (not free)

*My friend Karen Piper  counts with cute swimsuits at incredible prices, 

her store always organize photo contests too, be sure to check her store*

CATWA HAIR Anna (new release // not free)

Munique. Heartbeat Dress / Red (free group gift)

  ——————————————————————– ღ

~*Pics taken at Kekeland *~

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~* The Beautiful Ones ツ *~

..::KnocKeRs::..Honolulu Rock-A-Roll-A  Swimsuit (free august gift for group members)


*Includes hud to pick from many good textures* (new release // not free)

—————————————————————– ღ

.:TBOHome:. Trunk Office-Beige (250L)

Includes Web browser laptop, Singles and couples animations (cuddles and sex)

*19 prims, many colors available*  

.:TBO:. Sharon boots – for slink high mesh feet (199 L // includes hud to change colors)

Lushish catz – One Mini dress  with multiple appliers (new group gift // 50L fee to join)

Lushish Catz – Kasci – Lingerie- (Special Item for Fresh Style Sale Room// not free)


.:TBO:. Sharon-buckled leather corset  (new release // 199L)

.:TBO:. Sharon-buckled leather leggings (new release // 199L)


::Purple Candy::Debby Camo 5 (new release // not free)

::Purple Candy::Domme blue (new release // not free)

[ B! ] B!ASTA Ad Venux Gacha Heels for Slink High Mesh Feet – Blue Version

(Special Item for Greek Isles Gacha Fair // not free)

CATWA HAIR Mimi – Messy Version  (new release // not free) 

[ B! ] :KATE WALKER: Steampunk jacket & 3/4 pants (new release // not free)

—————————————————————– ღ

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~❥ The Naughty Nitch ツ ~

Lushish Catz – Mischief –Ace (not free // 5 version avaliable)

(Special Item for .: The Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair :.  )

MissLT Gift for slink high feet (free group gift)

* Includes hud to pick from many colors*

::Purple Candy::The Doll Drees (free group gift)

*Includes  Strappy dotty slink Heels black & red -not shown-*

:::Purple Candy::Leroy Red (new release // not free)

Lushish Catz – 50 Shades – White  (gacha machine// 69L each)

*Couple items :  rare(wearing) and 4 other colors *

(Special Items for .: The Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair :.  )

CATWA HAIR FLEXI Alberta (new release // not free)

Lushish Catz – Latch – Pink Fusion (discounted // not free)

(Special Item for .: The Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair :.  )

Lushish Catz – HufZ Socks HotPink RARE (gacha machine // 35 L)

* 3 rares – 8 different colors avaliable *

(Special Item for .: The Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair :.  )

—————————————————————– ღ

*** Pics taken at  ::- SatisFaXion -:: ***

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~❥ Smile! There is always hope ツ ~

Lushish Catz – Live Love – Lingerie Sets 2 colors

(new group gift // 50L to join)

Bishes Inc. ~Monokini – Hot Pink Version w/appliers

(Special Item for The Big Show // not free)

Bishes Inc. ~Monokini – Camo Version w/appliers

(Special Item for The Big Show // not free)

::EGO – Nana Outfit Mesh:: Soft (new release // not free)

::LiES:: Beatrix [FitMesh] (new release // not free)

*Includes boots & mesh necklace*

Open 1995 – Top + Short –Lana del Rey Version

(new release // not free) *Many styles avaliable*

Ch’s Beach -Gold Bikini (new release // not free)

*Includes Wowmeh appliers*

HOLY SHIrT! Drape dress – Red Version (new release // not free)

HOLY SHIrT! Drape dress – Blue Version (new release // not free) 

*Special Item for The Fashion Collective Event*

[ B! ] :PEGGY FERRAGAMO: Vintage costume with blouse

(new release // not free) *Hud with 10 colors*

[ B! ] :FRANTASTIC: Graphic pattern blouse and shorts

(special limited offer // 50 L till 11th June) 

[ B! ] :BLOOMING HIBISCUS: . Silk jump suit

(new release // not free) *Hud with 9 colors*

[ B! ] :THE JERSEY THING: Off shoulder tops and laced jeans

(new release // not free) *Avaliable in many colors*

[ B! ] :TRUST THE NAVIGATOR: Maritime mini dress

(The Sail Away Hunt Prize // free)


CATWA FLEXI Savannah (New Release // not free)

*Mesh hair, includes flexi parts*

Black Leather Miniskirt Mesh*Al-Hanna (New Release // not free)

—————————————————————– ღ

*** Pics taken at [NorderNey] There is always hope ***

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~❥ A train to Bauhaus Movement ღ ~


(New Release // not free) * Includes hud to change textures*

[ B! ] :I WISH YOU WOULD: Leather pants in 2 lengths 

(New Release // not free)

Tameless Lacey Uptown Girl Shoes

(New Release // not free) * For Slink High Mesh Feet*

HOLY SHIrT! Polka dot bikini, blue 

(New Release // not free) * Avaliable in many colors*

HOLY SHIrT! Cropped tee, brat 

(New Release // not free) *Also avaliable for men*

HOLY SHIrT! Denim shorts, tie dye pink 

(New Release // not free) *Many options to pick from*

:.::Hot Stuff::.: Slow Down  (Special Item for The Boobies Planet// not free)

.:Glow Designs:. Book Bag -Lavander Version

(New Release // not free)

Tameless Delicate Sandals (New Release // not free)

*For Slink High Mesh Feet*

:.::Hot Stuff::.: Gloria pink (Special Item for The Boobies Planet// not free)

.:Glow Designs:. Book Bag – Coral Version (New Release // not free)

Tameless Uptown Girl Shoes (New Release // not free)

*For Slink High Mesh Feet*

Lushish Catz – I See Fire – Appliers – Lingerie 

(Special Item for Like Sales Room // not free)

CATWA HAIR Lee updated with flexi parts (New Release // not free)

[ B! ] :CINEMA PARADISE: Sexy mini dress . Turquoise

(new group gift) *Includes Appliers for Lolas, Banned & ghetto)

Lushish Catz – Checkers – Outfit -Phat & Cute Azz

(Special Item for Like Sales Room // not free)

[ B! ] :DAY OF THE ROSE: for RFL by B!ASTA (New Release // not free)

[ B! ] :KALIMERA: Satin blouse and booty shorts (New Release // not free)

[ B! ] :PICK-NICKING: Hot pants & 3 mesh Tee shirts

(New Release // not free) *Several options included*

[ B! ] :PUSH IT GOOD: Zippered leather tops & shorts

(New Release // not free) *Avaliable in many colors*

Tameless Hair Erica – (New Release // not free)

[ B! ] :ROSE DAWN: Fuchsia . Ruffled mesh skirt & halter top

(New Release // not free)

 —————————————————————– ღ

*** Pics takent at Bauhaus Movement ***

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~❥ A little Birdy <3 ~

ELTD Valentine’s Gift (Marketplace freebie)

:FLG::. Valentine’s Cupid: (marketplace freebie)

^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Lily V2 Hair (New Release // not free)

^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Rosalina Hair (New Release // not free)



*Includes hud to change styles & textures*Mimi’s Temptress Gown – SUEDE CERISE (free group gift)

*** Pics taken at Birdy – Skins Mainstore ***

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~❥ Febraury news! ~

:.::Hot Stuff::.:Fishnet Top & Open Shorts w/ appliers (New Release // not free)

*Special Item for The Boobies Planet // Items between 40-80L*

^;^CaTwA^;^ Marilena Shoes (New Release // not free)

*Includes hud to change skin, nails , textures & colors*

:.::Hot Stuff::.: .Be Nice. w appliers (New Release // not free)

*Special Item for The Boobies Planet // Items between 40-80L*

Gstyle New gift Sexy purple  outfit with appliers (free for a limited time)

*There aew new gifts every day & you can get the old gifts for less than 100L!*

*** Pics taken at Fox Valley Forest ***

IAF Polka Dot Peeka Bow (Aqua) (free group gift with appliers)

PURPLE POSES – Couple Pose (free  c108 Club gift)

*There are many free gifts there*

Fiore: Purple Candy Midnight Mania Prize with appliers (free MM board prize// no longer avaliable)

*There are many lucky chair prizes & a new MM board prize!*

^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Lily V2 Hair (New Release // not free)

**Pure Poison – Love Earrings (free gift // received via subscribe)

*** Pics taken at Annwn Willows ***

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