Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ+* Coronada *+Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ

B Barbie Style Betty – Black Version (new release // 79L each // 199L fatpack)

*Pink version is April’s new group gift!*

RAYNE String bikini, F-off  (new release // not free)

[B!] :SUGARDOLL: Pink – Halter dress (new release // not free)

[B!] :OH CECILIA!: Kiwi . Floral & velvet dress (new release // not free)

[B!] :COLORBURST: Bluebells . Knitted sweater (new release // not free)


FEMALE april gift (new group gift)

Ch’s Spring (new release // 249 L)

**Alonis Fashion** ESTEFANY BLACK DRESS boots slink (new release // 199L)

little bones. Wasted Hair – (group GIFT now in full versión // 99L fee)

** Alonis Fashion ** GUNS Dress Mesh (new release // 149L)

 ——————————————————————– ღ

~* Pics taken at Corona *~

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~*❥ ღ Sweet Bunny ღ*~


Vips Creations Female Outfit – Sweet Bunny[Pink][Slink Shoes]

*Includes accesories & shoes -not shown- * (new release // not free)

ArianDesing Lorena (new release // 125L)

Vips Creations Female Outfit – [Belle Bunny][Slink Shoes] (new release // not free)


CATWA HAIR Flora (Special item for Biker’s Choice Fair // not free)

zOOm – Box –  Applier – 5 Minutes More Outfit (99L)

 ——————————————————————– ღ

~* Pics taken at Forever Dreams *~

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~*❥ ღ Blind by Love ღ*~

Inkside-Unisex Blindfold w/ Cross – Textures Changer HUD (130L)

B Barbie Style Spring Secrets Pink w/appliers(new release // 79L each // 199L fat pack)

Inkside-Unisex Blindfold w/ Cross – Textures Changer HUD (130L)

B Barbie Style Spring Secrets Blue w/appliers (new release // 79L each // 199L fat pack)

*ZD* Katy Outfit – Hot Pink w/accesories & multiple appliers (new release // 150L)

*ZD* Katy Outfit – Ligth Blue w/accesories & multiple appliers (new release // 150L)

little bones. Wasted – Ink Dipped (new group gift // 100L fee to join)

MAAI Cutie Pie bodysuit * pink w/appliers (free group gift)


*Includes Hud * (new release // 275l)

 ——————————————————————– ღ

~* Pics taken at *ZK* Designs Gardens *~

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~*HOLY SHIrT! Dolly ツ *~

little bones. MERRY CHRISTMAS! – Nightingale (free group gift // 100L fee to join)

HOLY SHIrT! Shirt dress & heart bag (new releases // not free)

little bones. Lovestruck (old group gift// 100L fee to join)

.:Glow Designs:. Hair Band Sakura – Blue version (free Gift for SL Frees & Offers Members)

[Al-Hanna] Pure Dress Mesh / hud to change colors (new release // 99 L)

 GΛƬIƬ@ STORE: combat boots mesh – White version (new release // 20L)

HOLY SHIrT! Dolly boots – Blue Version (new release // not free)

——————————————————————– ღ

~* Pics taken at Miami City Beach *~

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~* Bubbleglam! *~

Munique. Daisy Dress / Pink (free group gift)

.:Glow Designs:. B – Clutch Gold & Silver – Lemon

(Special Item for Designer Circle // not free)

~SB~ Notice me dress- black (Past CAH prize) (marketplace dollarbie)

BabyDoll. BubbleGum Wedges (free group gift)

.:Glow Designs:. Cross Chains Black Version

(new release // not free  Special Item for New Cosmopolitan Event)

[hh] GIFT – Rachel Black Lace Boots  (SLink High Feet) (free group gift)


(new release // 299L) 

*Includes hud to change styles & pick from many good quality textures*

m/ LAVAROCK CREATIONS m/ –HOTROD UNISEX (november group gift // free)

.:WAC:. Levain Silk Top – White&Black GG w/applier for The Shops Mesh Body (marketplace dollarbie)

Ch’s Soul w/accesories & appliers -even for The Shops Mesh Body 

(new release // not free 199L)

Piper Moda ‘Andromeda’ 7 bikini (not free)

Piper Moda – Milena Swimsuit (not free)

*My friend Karen Piper  counts with cute swimsuits at incredible prices, 

her store always organize photo contests too, be sure to check her store*

CATWA HAIR Anna (new release // not free)

Munique. Heartbeat Dress / Red (free group gift)

  ——————————————————————– ღ

~*Pics taken at Kekeland *~

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~* A Shot of Fashion ツ *~

little bones. Transmute – (new group gift // 100 L fee to join)

E.X.T.A.T.I.C. Military Bodysuit & Heels (new release // not free)

{ ViVi } Devilin – Webbed Lace Dress – Orange (free group gift)

CATWA HAIR Pamela [A] (new release // not free)

M&M Body Shapes Bad Bitch Outfit (Special Item for Room69 Event)

CATWA HAIR Pamela [C] (new release // not free)

Ch’s Woodstock (new release // not free)

*Includes matching Slink Nail Appliers Styles*

** Alonis ** Amina 3 Colors Dress Mesh (new release // not free)

[ B! ] :CALO: SLink nail polish Hud (50L for a limited time)

LGL {by B!ASTA} – Frozen Flowers . Blue (new release // not free)

La Gazza Ladra {by B!ASTA}: Hello Pumpkin (free gift)

*You can find it in the pumpkin in front of the entrance*

 ——————————————————————– ღ

~* Pics taken at *Just Another Tequilla Sunrise* *~

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~* New Brighton *~

little bones. Feline Hair (new group gift // free)

Beloved Jewelry : Jewelry Fair 2014 (3 Jewelry Sets) (not free)

i`piteme Main Store April Store Gift w/appliers (free – not sure if it is still available)

Mesh Ear  Miss LT Creation Studio (marketplace freebie)

: \m/ LAVAROCK CREATIONS \m/-EDGE MALE JACKET (new release // not free)

Bishes Inc ~ Fringe Shoes – Cherry & Gold Version (new release // not free)

*Many colors & styles available*

Tameless pillow talk (new release // not free)

Tameless Lady In Red Outfit w/multiple appliers (new release // not free)

——————————————————————– ღ

~* Pics taken at New Brighton *~

Lushish Men – Vic – Mesh outfit jeans with Shirt –tie (new release // not free)

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