~❥ Febraury news! ~

:.::Hot Stuff::.:Fishnet Top & Open Shorts w/ appliers (New Release // not free)

*Special Item for The Boobies Planet // Items between 40-80L*

^;^CaTwA^;^ Marilena Shoes (New Release // not free)

*Includes hud to change skin, nails , textures & colors*

:.::Hot Stuff::.: .Be Nice. w appliers (New Release // not free)

*Special Item for The Boobies Planet // Items between 40-80L*

Gstyle New gift Sexy purple  outfit with appliers (free for a limited time)

*There aew new gifts every day & you can get the old gifts for less than 100L!*

*** Pics taken at Fox Valley Forest ***

IAF Polka Dot Peeka Bow (Aqua) (free group gift with appliers)

PURPLE POSES – Couple Pose (free  c108 Club gift)

*There are many free gifts there*

Fiore: Purple Candy Midnight Mania Prize with appliers (free MM board prize// no longer avaliable)

*There are many lucky chair prizes & a new MM board prize!*

^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Lily V2 Hair (New Release // not free)

**Pure Poison – Love Earrings (free gift // received via subscribe)

*** Pics taken at Annwn Willows ***

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..^.^. January Splash! ..^.^.

Outfit: ::GIFT JSTYLE:: Military with appliers (free for a limited time)

*Includes accesories & boots, gun thigh holdster not included*

Tameless Hair Gia – (New Release // not free)

Pure Poison – Beatrix Necklace (free group gift // received via subscribe)

~Sassy!~ Radiance gown – Xmas Group Gift (free)

*Includes fur stole*

Tameless Hair Bliss – (New Release // not free)

~Sassy!~ Anastasia dress – violet (free MM board Prize)

Tameless Hair Delphine – (New Release // not free)

*Includes hud to change hat’s colors*

 ::GIFT JSTYLE::  Mesh purple outfit (free for a limited time)

Tameless Hair Delphine – (New Release // not free)

Poses: Label Motion – An Elephant’s Tale (free group gift // received via subscribe)

Hello Titty Hunt 3 Prize #10 Sassy

Hint: It’s not far at all – practically right around the corner.

[ B! ] :SNOW FLURRY: Pink – Satin blouse & white leggings

(New Release // not free)

Glasses: T.C. – Vintage Kawaii Glasses (Navy & Gold)

(2L // marketplace offer)

*Bag with dog not included (old gift)*

Kaithleen’s Satin Drape Dress Berry – Pink (not free)

[Castellian] Rachel Hair – (not free)


*** Piper Moda January Photo Contest ***

1st prize: 200L$ + a Piper Moda shopping spree
2nd prize: 50L$ + a Piper Moda shopping spree
3rd prize: a Piper Moda shopping spree

*** The theme is ‘water’ – sea, lakes,
rivers, waterfalls, fountains, rain, anything watery.

Someone in the photo must be wearing

at least one item of Piper Moda clothing.

(prices range from 0L$ to 88L$)   ****

Piper moda Portofino Cyan (not free)

[Castellian] Sindy Hair – (not free)

*** All pics taken at Ritae East ***


Hope you enjoyed this long post !! ツ 

Espero hayan disfrutado este extenso post! ツ 

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~❥ Partners in crime! ~

****** Fiore: ******

HOLY SHIrT! Heels bigger than dick T pink (Not free)

HOLY SHIrT! Lilac frill shorts underwear set (Not free)

HOLY SHIrT! Snow boots (fur) baby pink (Not free)

Pose: EinK Lean On Me (Marketplace dollarbie)

Pose: *Ellette* Friends Pose Free ~2~ (Marketplace dollarbie)

****** Fiore: ******

Peach Blossom – Cannabis top w/Lolas Gol Vip Gift (free)

Bag: GOL VIP GIFT from !!SpoiledLiLBrat!!  (free)

D.A. Thigh High Boots the Cubist – White Gol Vip Gift (free)

Dress: HOLY SHIrT! Kawaii Dress mesh (not free)

Sunglasses: *INNUENDO* Sunglasses 1.2 (old gift)


****** Masiello ******

Xiaj Free Trench Coat with hud to change colors

(free group gift//check group history)

 ******Fiore: ******

 ::Purple Candy::Betty dress dark blue (free MM board prize)


****** Masiello: ******

Ceopio Advent Calendar gift (not longer avaliable)

*Hurry up & check the store before christmas*


*** Pics taken at Relax Club ***Sin título-1

~ Freebies for all <3 ~

*** It might sound a bit repetitive

but you have to check Chest treasures Mall New Location!!

You will find many group gifts, MM Board Prizes & special offers  ***

Here you have some of them :

party_001party_003Busty Boutique CHEST TREASURES

party_005::Purple Candy::Caress – Pink // MM Board

party_006 party_007.*CHaRM*. FREEBIE
party_008party_009party_010::Fulana’S:: Blue Giraffe Dress for Lolas Tango

:: Miss LT Group Gifts: Cross necklace & smartwatch

*** Pics taken at Ouchi-ya ++HY’s++***

***** Hope you enjoy these freebies, have a good weekened ❤ ****

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~ » A chest full of treasures « ~

wonder woman_001B(.)(.)BEE TRAP ~BBBF Group Gift ~ WonderWoman PJs

*** Free at Chest Treasures New Location ***

wonder woman_002 wonder woman_003wonder woman_005 wonder woman_004B(.)(.)BEE TRAP ~ Seduction Dress Gift

*** Free at Chest Treasures New Location ***
wonder woman_006wonder woman_008 wonder woman_009Jstyle gift – Hot pink gown with appliers // New Gift

*** Includes accesories, shoes & skin not shown ***

wonder woman_010 wonder woman_011 wonder woman_012 wonder woman_013 wonder woman_014.*CHaRM*. -Lets Polka outfit // MM Board Prize

wonder woman_015 wonder woman_016 wonder woman_017 wonder woman_018 wonder woman_019*** Pics taken at Zigana ***

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~ Hurry Up! Special Limited Time Freebies :) ~

jstyle_011Jstytle Mesh Outfit New Group Gift

*Includes accesories & shoes -not shown- *

jstyle_003jstyle_004Jstyle Gift with appliers // Includes Mesh skirt, accesories & shoes not shown

ELUZION * Maki Mouth Pearls

*There are also 2 free dresses at mainstore*

PP – Shae Jewelry Set PURE POISON Necklace

-includes earings not shown-

jstyle_014 jstyle_015[BBE] Tropical Freebee for BBB

***Pics taken at La Casa del Tio Pablo***

jstyle_016 jstyle_017You can find many incredible freebies with appliers at Home of Big Boobies Freebies

*There are also MM Boards & Lucky Letters*

**Don0t forget to join the group to receive info about freebies & sales**

jstyle_018 jstyle_019 jstyle_020* I didn’t have time to open and try all these amazing freebies avaliable at Silicone event *

** There are many outfits and items for busty women **

*** Hurry up & get them!! ***

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